1 On 1 Personal Training 
Our Personal Training program is designed to provide our clients with an individualized program based on their needs which will help them achieve their goals.  Benefits of working with a personal trainer include:

♦ An individualized fitness program specifically designed for you.
♦ An efficient workout program with innovative ways to improve your health.
♦ Professional assistance in improving strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health.
♦ Instruction on correct form and technique for cardiovascular exercise and strength training.

Small Group Training (2-5)
Small group training are great options for those who prefer to have a partner push or motivate them without having to be in a class setting, yet still get close training similar to one on one training. Clients do not have to be the at the same fitness level to benefit from group training. With each class running an hour long, sessions include high intensity interval training (HIIT) and circuit training workouts.

Boot Camp Classes
These classes are designed to challenge each person through cardiovascular such as sprints or long duration running, body weight exercises and resistance band workouts.  Everyone should bring a bottle of water, towel and a mat if needed. Each class is an hour long.